Obituary: Richard Aline


Richard Aline, 57, died on April 8, another Long Islander lost in the tragic battle against coronavirus. He is survived by his mother Rosemary DeRiggi-Alino (his father Dr. Anthony Alino is deceased) and his sisters Eileen Connor (Ken), Dr. Ann Marie Alino and Kathleen Alino, and his uncles Anthony DeRiggi (Carole), Donald DeRiggi (Millie) and Dennis DeRiggi (Nancy), his cousins Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (Richard Valicenti), Brendan DeRiggi (Ellen), Peter DeRiggi (Maxine), Patti Falch (Doug), Cathy Aldridge (Tom), Angelo DeRiggi, John DeRiggi and their children.

Of all his businesses, Richard enjoyed most his recent one arranging social events, because of all the friendships he made and treasured.

Richard was self-quarantined at home when his good friend Nassau County Detective Mike Caputo convinced him to go to Saint Francis Hospital. There he was treated with skill and such compassion, for which his family is very grateful.

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