Officials Call For A Crackdown On Drunk Boating

Senator Jim Gaughran calling for a crackdown on drunk boating for Labor Day Weekend. (Photos courtesy of the office of Jim Gaughran)

In anticipation for Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end of summer, and with a surge in boating activities expected, Senator Jim Gaughran, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas called for a crackdown on intoxicated boating to protect boaters and families.

Officials from the City of Glen Cove were on hand at Safe Harbor Marina to announce additional planned patrols for the holiday weekend. Gina Lieneck warned the public of the real-life devastation caused by boating while intoxicated; Lieneck lost her daughter Brianna from the reckless actions of an intoxicated boater 13 years ago.

“Today we make unequivocally clear — intoxicated boating has no place on our waterways.” Senator Jim Gaughran said. “I thank my partners in county and local government for working to raise awareness on this issue. Boating is a treasured Long Island pastime, but it must be done safely. When you boat while intoxicated you not only jeopardize your life, but the lives of those on board your vessel and every boater around you, a horror Gina Lieneck knows all too well. Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable holiday weekend and Glen Cove’s increased patrols will protect boaters and our waterways.”

One of the Glen Cove Harbor Master’s patrol boats that will be used for increased enforcement Labor Day Weekend.

Senator Gaughran was also joined by Glen Cove Harbor Master Chief John Testa and Deputy Chief Dino Grazioi, Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, Glen Cove City Councilwoman Marsha Silverman and Larry Weiss of the U.S. Power Squadron.

District Attorney Singas spoke to the seriousness and perils of intoxicated boating and the penalties that those who recklessly drink and boat can face under prosecution by her office.

—Submitted by Senator Jim Gaughran’s Office

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