The Town of Oyster Bay can truly turn over a new leaf by following the example of one of its neighbors.

The Town of North Hempstead is leading the way on transparency by posting their expenditures online for everyone to see. These records show how they’re spending every taxpayer dollar. After Nassau County, they are only the second government on Long Island to provide this level of access.

Oyster Bay can show they’re truly interested in washing off the stench of recent corruption scandals by following in North Hempstead’s footsteps.

North Hempstead formed a partnership with OpenGov, an online platform which allows users to search by year, vendor, check number, invoice number and invoice total.

Posting their spending records online would not only make it easier for Oyster Bay residents to hold local elected officials accountable, but would also reduce the amount of work the Town office has to do to keep up with records requests.

For Oyster Bay, providing citizens with the tools they need to hold government accountable would be an important step toward repairing broken trust.

—Anita MacDougall
Oyster Bay resident

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