Remembering Glenn Howard


If you are a Glen Cover and have attended any Glen Cove City Council meetings, planning board meetings, zoning board meetings or school board meetings, then you knew Glenn Howard.

Glenn was a man who had a wealth of knowledge, a depth of intelligence, and a love of our community. He had an interest in all Glen Cove issues, and a well thought out opinion on all them. Whether or not you agreed or disagreed with Glenn, you always valued his opinions.

Many do not know that Glenn was passionate about community service and, among other civic organizations, was a major force in the Glen Cove Rotary. As a councilwoman, I was invited to participate in many Rotary events. I was always impressed with the wonderful works of the Rotary and told Glenn that I would love to join.

My first Rotary meeting happened to be Glenn’s last meeting. Glenn was working on a grant for a community project. I told Glenn and the members of the Rotary about the Sgt. Ralph W. Young Memorial monument, which is in desperate need of a refurbishment. Sgt. Young was a 23-year-old African American Glen Cove man who was killed in World War II.

For many years his monument sat in front of the Glen Cove City Hall, which is now the Glen Cove Police Department. It was moved to Monument Park by the Glen Cove DPW in 2018 and temporarily placed on the ground. The Rotary grant will help to pay for necessary upgrades and the proper monument Sgt. Young so deserves. This project has the full support of the Glen Cove Rotary organization.

The leaders of our local veteran organizations, Fred Nielsen, president of the Glen Cove Veterans Council and Dave Hubbard, commander of the Young Simmons American Legion Post No. 1765, are thrilled and ready to assist in this venture.

On Friday, Jan. 8, at 2 p.m., Glenn, Jacki Yonick and I held a Zoom meeting to put the finishing touches on the grant application. Glenn typed feverishly to complete the application for the Rotary president’s signature. It was obviously imperative that Glenn complete this task.

Within a couple of hours, we heard that Glenn had passed away. Knowing him and with disbelief, we thought it was possibly untrue; he was quite the joker. Sadly, sudden death is the truth. The loss of Glenn makes the completion of this project even more of a priority.
It is my thinking that Glenn died the way he lived his life, in service of others, always thinking of how he could help. Rest in peace Glenn. May all your good works be rewarded.

—Pamela D. Panzenbeck

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