Remove The Addiction


Thank you for sharing your article about managing pain. Pain is a major factor that hurts a person’s way of living. I can only imagine how senior adults feel with chronic pain.

At the same time did you know that the use of opiates can be bad as well? The addiction to opiates like Xanax will attack a person’s mental and physical state like cancer and pain! Xanax addiction is destructive and it takes lives! It’s highly addictive so I think we should try to promote other solutions for pain before introducing the use of opiates. The drug epidemic is so high, I thought I’d introduce this thought to you.

We recently wrote an article with a checklist for families to use to see if a loved one is addicted to Xanax. This problem occurs in many families so we thought it’d help someone. It’s fact-based, very informative, and has a free ebook that goes with it. Check it out at

Let’s remove the addiction!

—Nicole Clarke


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