Residents Encouraged To Keep Their Doors Locked


On Tuesday October 19th at approximately 9:20 pm, the Glen Cove Police received a call for a suspicious man on Valentine Street in Glen Cove. Upon police arrival, a resident of the street informed the police that an unknown man knocked on her door, entered the house and began walking up the stars towards the 2nd floor. When confronted, the man told the resident that he was an electrician and was called to the house. The resident told the man to leave and he promptly left the house. The unknown man entered a white van and drove away. The white van had no side windows, no roof racks and it’s rear tail lights/ brake lights were high up on the rear of the van. The individual is described as a male with a medium complexion, dark combed back hair, dark eyes and approximately 6 feet tall. The resident stated the man spoke with a middle easter accent. Anyone with information  is requested to contact the Glen Cove Police via phone (516-676-1002) or the Department Facebook page.

“Residents are encouraged to keep their doors locked and to never let anyone enter their home unless they know who the individual is. Never let anyone into your home that is trying to sell you a service or claims to be from a repair service unless you called them.” If someone appears at your house unannounced  requesting to enter, do not let them in, call the Glen Cove Police promptly.

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