School Budgets Pass In Local Districts


In last week’s budget vote, the proposed budgets passed in the Glen Cove, North Shore and Locust Valley School Districts. Glen Cove voters approved the $88 million budget for the 2018-19 school year, while North Shore residents adopted a $104,868,519 budget and Locust Valley passed a budget of $85,612,108. Trustees were also elected in all three districts in contested elections.

In Glen Cove, the budget passed by a vote of 863 to 271. Trustee Gail Nedbor-Gross retained her seat on the board of education, garnering 545 votes, and Rosemarie Sekelsky was elected with 765 votes, along with Mary Murphy, who won 645 votes. Current trustees Amy Franklin and Maria Venuto were defeated, as was Daniel Rios.

“I am humbled by, and grateful for, the community’s support of me in electing me as a Glen Cove Board of Education trustee,” said Sekelsky. “I will work hard for the community, schools, and our main priority, our children.”

“I am grateful for the support from the community and remain steadfast in my commitment to work hard to better the schools for the benefit of the children of Glen Cove,” said Murphy.

“I’m humbled by the response from the community and look forward to continuing to serve the people of Glen Cove,” said Nedbor-Gross. “There is still so much to do in our district starting with resolving outstanding contracts, improving safety measures and ways to better meet the educational needs of all students. I look forward to working collaboratively with our board, administrators, faculty, parents and students as we continue to make positive progress in this district.”

In addition to approving the budget, North Shore residents also passed a proposition authorizing spending $3,443,912 from the capital reserve to pay for improvements such as school air conditioning and the replacement of the ceiling in the high school cafeteria. Additionally, they voted for a proposition for a busing change for high school students, providing busing for those who live within a one mile radius versus a 1.5 mile radius. The budget passed with 1,430 yes votes and 511 no votes. Timothy Madden (1,132) and Lisa Vizza (1,002) were elected to the board of education, defeating Andrea Macari and Anthony Stanco.

“I am very grateful to the residents of the North Shore community who supported me throughout the election season and have placed their faith in me to represent them as a North Shore Schools Board of Education Trustee,” said Vizza. “I intend to serve the district with the same commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and purposeful and equitable opportunities for success for all North Shore students that I have shown as an engaged volunteer, advocate and professional social worker for the past 15 years.”

“I’m very grateful for the community’s support,” said Madden. “I look forward to representing the entire community and working together with the board, superintendent, administration, faculty, students, parents, and residents to address the financial, educational and social challenges that this district is facing. Thank you to the retiring trustees who sought not to seek reelection, Herman Berliner and Toni Labbate, for their years of dedication and service to students and to the wider community.”

The Locust Valley Central School District community approved the 2018-2019 budget in a vote of 1,008 to 544, and also passed three additional propositions: Expenditure from Capital Reserves, Creation of Capital Reserve Fund and the Locust Valley Library Budget. Two people, Brian Nolan and Jennifer Maselli were elected to the board of education for three-year terms. Margaret Marchand was elected to the board of education for a one-year term to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of a board of education trustee earlier this school year.

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