Silverman For City Council


There is no doubt in my mind that we need Marsha Silverman on Glen Cove City Council.
I have been very committed to the Glen Cove Dems, watching and listening to what has been going on these last few years with our present administration and the very sluggish response from our Democratic Committee.

I was shocked that Marsha was not on the official Team Tenke slate of candidates. To right this wrong, many of us campaigned to get over 700 signatures of registered Democrats on a petition to give her the right to run in a primary on Sept. 12. I have heard some very impressive comments from other Democratic candidates crediting her consistent attendance at City Council meetings for years. I even heard the statement that there is no one who could explain the insecure financial situation in Glen Cove better than Marsha! She is very knowledgeable and has been out there challenging the powerful on our behalf for years.

I was blown away by how dynamic she was at the Nassau County Legislature open meeting in May before the voting to pass the $90 million bond for the waterfront project. We were told on that day by the attorney for the county that our corrupt county executive wanted the bond passed so it would be passed. Marsha has been and will continue to fight corruption. Marsha has a strong financial background, does her extensive research and delivers her positions eloquently.

Marsha is very resilient when facing strong opposition and criticism. She stands strong in her own truth and is a force that we need leading Glen Cove into a smarter future!

—Judy DiBartolo

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