‘Single Stream’ Recycling In Glen Cove


Recycling in Glen Cove will now be even simpler as the city is set to implement a new program and become the first community on the North Shore to introduce Single Stream Recycling. The program will go into effect on Monday, Aug. 3, and offers a more convenient way to recycle.

“This innovative and effective recycling program allows residents to place all of their recyclable materials into one blue recycling bin or use one of their own garbage cans with a Single Stream sticker for all recyclable products,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello.

Glen Cove is promoting an “All In. One Bin.” campaign to raise awareness for the introduction of Single Stream Recycling where residents can put paper, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, cardboard, metal and aluminum cans, junk mail, glass bottles and jars, plastics and plastic containers labeled 1-7  all in the same Glen Cove blue recycling bin.

Recycle Logo GCSingle Stream Recycling allows all recyclable materials to be “commingled” by residents in a single container, unsorted, unbundled and collected by a single vehicle.
According to James Byrne, director of Glen Cove’s Department of Public Works, the advantages of Single Stream Recycling are many.

“This new process offers Glen Cove residents a more convenient way to be green as sorting recyclables is no longer necessary and research has shown that this program has resulted in higher recycling participation rates,” said Byrne. “With the introduction of Single Stream Recycling, some communities haves seen recycling participation increase by up to 30 percent.”
Added Spinello, “The more people recycle, the more our city can do our part to reduce trash being sent to landfills and transfer stations.”

How Single Stream Recycling Works

On scheduled recycling days, all recycled goods placed in the city’s blue bins or disposal bins featuring a Single Stream Recycling sticker will be collected by a specially marked “Single Stream Recycling” Glen Cove sanitation truck. All of the Single Stream recycled materials collected in Glen Cove will be sorted and processed at the Green Stream recycling plant.

Glen Cove residents who would like to designate their own garbage bin (up to 32 gallons) for Single Stream recycling will need to pick up a free Single Stream Recycling sticker to feature on their own disposal container. Free stickers are available at City Hall in the Department of Public Works or upon request from your Glen Cove recycling team member. With the adoption of Single Stream Recycling, the Glen Cove Sanitation Department will no longer pick up cardboard on Wednesdays, as it will be disposed of with all other recyclables on your regularly scheduled recycling day.

Items that can be recycled in the bin include paper such as newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, cereal boxes and cardboard; plastic bottles, caps, jugs and containers labeled No.1 through No. 7; aluminum, steel and tin cans, aluminum containers, trays and foil (rinsed and clean); glass bottles and jars (rinsed and cleaned); empty aerosol cans.

Items to leave out include chemicals, household hazardous waste, paint cans, plastic shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, Styrofoam, cat litter, glass (window and mirror), light bulbs, batteries and electronics.

For a full list, go to  www.glencove-li.us.

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