Suozzi Raises $12,000 For Childhood Cancer Research

Tom Suozzi gives a thumbs up after having his head shaved by Brian Basile. His wife, Helene, and son Michael, look on. (Photos by Mitch Schlimer)

Congressman Tom Suozzi pulled a bold move last week in downtown Glen Cove: among a large crowd of onlookers, he had his head shaved. Immediately following the St. Patrick’s Day parade—in which he marched—Suozzi headed to the Downtown Café on School Street to participate in the annual St. Baldrick’s Day Foundation event, raising awareness and money for childhood cancer.

Suozzi raised more than $12,000 for both the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the Nicholas J. Pedone Foundation. Nicholas Pedone, who lived in Glen Cove,was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. After he died, his parents Nick and Josephine Pedone started the foundation, also known as “Fight Hard, Smile Big,” in his memory to raise money for childhood cancer awareness and local hospital outreach projects.

Patrick Costello has his head shaved by cancer survivor Ric Wilson, while Josephine and Nick Pedone and Brian Basile pose for a photo.

Suozzi’s raised $6,000 for each foundation, making him this year’s top fundraiser for the Glen Cove St. Baldrick’s Foundation event.

“I was nervous right before they took the razor to my head,” said Suozzi, “but that is nothing compared to what these kids and their families go through everyday fighting this terrible disease. If I am able to raise awareness and money to help combat childhood cancer, then I am happy to do it.”

Nick Pedone, John Zozzaro and Josephine Pedone

St. Baldrick’s, founded in 1999, raises donations with volunteers who agree to have their heads shaved to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. Since 2005, St. Baldrick’s Foundation has raised $232 million.

The Nicholas J. Pedone Foundation raises money for childhood cancer awareness and local hospital outreach projects, working directly with children afflicted with cancer, while they receive treatment in hospitals or cancer clinics.


  1. Bold? Bold would be if Suozzi backed HR 676to ensure that cancer patients can actually get their treatment regardless of the thickness of their wallet! Cancer treatment in the US costs over 150 billion dollars a year. The only solution is a single payer, medicare-for-all system like every other country on earth! This was not bold. It was a PR stunt!

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