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As a resident of Glen Cove, I support the Democratic slate in the 2017 municipal election. Tim Tenke is running for mayor and with him, a strong group is running for City Council. The candidates include Andrew Bennett, Marcela De La Fuenta, Annie Phillips, Roderick Watson, Rev. Roger Williams and Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews.

This is a strong team of candidates. I’ve been impressed with the whole group on the Democratic slate. I personally know several of the candidates—Roderick Watson, a social worker with the VA and current member of the city council; Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews, a voice and speech coach and an Elder at the Presbyterian Church; and Rev. Roger Williams, pastor of First Baptist Church. Also, I am familiar with Tim Tenke and his commitment to our city as demonstrated by his many years of service on the council. More recently, I have gotten to know the remainder of the slate—Andrew Bennett, a middle school principal with over 10 years of experience in education; Annie Phillips, a Glen Cove native, with over 20 years of business and management experience; and Marcela De La Fuenta, a 40-year resident of Glen Cove, mother of five and active member of the community. I’m sure they will bring positive change to Glen Cove.

I feel that Team Tenke can make a real difference in our city’s future. They have been helpful with many community events, including church events and public activities. As a member of Calvary AME Church, I appreciate their willingness to listen to, and interact with, the residents of all neighborhoods in Glen Cove.

At present our city is at a stand still. Prosperity is slow; affordable housing is lacking; and confidence is low as local and family-owned businesses close. There is no longer a local employment agency in Glen Cove, and there are few post-secondary job training opportunities.

A great change is needed in the city of Glen Cove, and I believe Team Tenke will lead us to that change. These candidates will work for all of Glen Cove in making the city a more prosperous place to live. I fully support the Democratic slate. Let’s work together to make Glen Cove a better place to live—for today and for the future of our families.

—Kim Rollins

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