Support The Bond


I have lived in Glen Cove since 1980. My husband Chuck Lavine and I raised our two children, Greg and Andria, in our city and they graduated from our Glen Cove City School District. They are now wonderful parents and are doing so well.

Many of you might remember me as your child’s either first- or third-grade teacher at Gribbin, Landing and mostly Connolly School. I was so proud of all of my students and am so grateful to have served our district from 1990 to 2008. I see so many of my now adult students from time to time, and I call them “my dividends!” I am so happy for their successes and I know that their education in the Glen Cove schools has been part of the foundation that has helped them to grow and succeed.

Our Glen Cove School District and our very special city must continue to be the cornerstone of our children’s lives. We must all take part in taking care of our schools. Many infrastructure improvements are now imperative and the district is asking for your support on March 12 to approve a bond that would pay for much-needed renovations and upgrades to our school buildings.

Chuck and I love our city, and know that you do as well. Many of our grandchildren do now or will attend our schools and we want their education to be delivered in gold standard buildings. Our children and grandchildren deserve the best.

—Ronnie Lavine

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