Take The SAFE Survey


The SAFE Glen Cove Coalition encourages Glen Cove residents to take a survey designed to garner public opinion regarding the reinstatement of youth and family mental health and chemical dependency services to the city.

The coalition has met several times to strategically plan to recognize unmet community needs and the resources necessary to address them. The coalition is aware of the community’s needs through its ongoing collaborative efforts. It is composed of 12 sectors of the community which are: youth, youth serving organizations, parents, business community, media, school, law enforcement, faith based organizations, civic and volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state, county and local governmental agencies and other organizations with expertise in substance abuse.

The mission of the coalition is to eliminate alcohol and substance abuse in Glen Cove. The coalition is overseen by SAFE’s Board of Directors and co-chaired by health teacher Tony Gallo and SAFE executive director Dr. Sharon Harris.

“The community lost vital treatment services to youth and adults when the hospital closed its behavioral health sciences program. Additionally, funding sources have diminished in this depressed economy further reducing services. This, combined with a lack of community based comprehensive bi-lingual treatment services, homelessness, unemployment and a lack of shelter for displaced women and children has put a strain on an already fragile population,” said Georgie Connett, SAFE board chair and strategic planner.

“The purpose of the survey is to gather cross sectional data that will demonstrate to state and local licensing bodies that prevention and treatment funding is needed in the City of Glen Cove, especially services for youth between the ages of 5-16. The rise in heroin use, its related fatalities and no local treatment services directly compounds the larger issue. We are thankful to have the support of the mayor and city council as well as the coalition members and volunteers regarding this critical issue,” said Harris.

To take the survey and for more information about SAFE, Inc. and the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition visit www.safeglencove.org or www.facebook.com/safeglencovecoalition or call 516-676-2008. The survey is also available on the City of Glen Cove website at www.glencove-li.us, the Glen Cove Business Improvement District at www.glencovedowntown.org and the Glen Cove School District website at www.glencove.k12.ny.us.

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