Thanks For Support


I would like to first thank all who got out and voted in the recent primary.

As most are aware, the poll position as a “write-in” is the most difficult to win. However, from my observation I was still able to muster more votes in this position than any other “write-in” in the county elections.

On Nov. 3, all of Glen Cove (Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Independents and no party) will be called to the polls again. This time we all have a voice!

Your party affiliation is the foundation of your beliefs; remember each party starts with Glen Cove! And this is where you need to chose the candidates that best suit the city’s future.

I believe as a resident homeowner and parent it is time for all of us to change direction in Glen Cove, get away from the political machines and get back to basics! We need to control our destiny .

We all need to look back, in order to see forward!

We have listened too long to “the experts” and it hasn’t worked!

On Nov. 3, the people choose!  All the people! The big difference this time I am not a “write-in.” The political powers have been active in the courts to silence your ability to choose!  If we are successful in our most recent court battle, my name will appear on the newly formed line “Glen Cove United” and united we will stand…I am asking for your vote, I want to be the people’s choice, I want to be the people’s councilman!

Vote for John Perrone on Nov. 3!

—John Perrone

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