The Glen Cove Downtown B.I.D Gets The Streets Ready For Fall


More than 150 guy and gal scarecrows line the streets of downtown, Glen Cove this fall.  These festive Scarecrows were purchased by the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District and installed by Ralph Comintino and Damion Stravredes of Glen Cove’s Commission of Beautification that is now directed by Emmanuel Grella and Elizabeth Mestres.  “Although the Glen Cove Downtown BID purchases the decorations that line the downtown streets if it was not for the synergy between the BID and the  Beautification Commission theses warm and welcoming decorations would not be possible,” said Patricia Holman the executive director of the Glen Cove Downtown B.I.D.    Elizabeth Mestres co- director of the Beautification Commission also feels the same way “  We are very happy with the great relationship that Beautification and the BID has and we look forward to working on new projects with the B.I.D”

The Glen Cove Downtown B.I.D. has also created a program that allows downtown businesses to purchase fall flowers and ornamentals at wholesale.   “Over 300 fall flowers and ornamentals were purchased by our downtown businesses, delivered by WPW Growers and picked up by our members so they can decorate their store fronts for the new season.  You may see these in front of businesses like The Regency Assisted Living, La Bussola and Glen Cove Fitness,” says Holman.

The Glen Cove Downtown B.I.D. did not stop there over 550 mums and cabbages were purchased by the B.I.D. and planted throughout the downtown area by the B.I.D.’s landscaper Testa Landscaping.

Since the Downtown B.I.D. was created in 1997 , it has given high needs to ventures that outwardly enhance the area . These incorporate the maintenance of over 20 landscapes, walkway up keep, establishment of flower adornments, light pole banners, litter removal and Christmas ornamentals, along with many other activities that are carried out to keep the downtown area looking clean and feeling safe.

For further information, please contact the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District at 516-759-6970 or




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