The Time Is Now


Building a thriving and successful community requires a commitment on the part of the residents of that community. Growing up in Glen Cove, I always felt that there was a strong sense of pride in our city and we took care of our own. Since returning to raise my children here, I have made an effort to be an active citizen and teach my children the importance of giving back. If someone is in need, you help, even if it means making a personal sacrifice. It is when we look beyond our own personal gain and seek to raise each other up that we become stronger and our community blossoms.

One of the important cornerstones of our city is our schools. The bond committee worked diligently over the last year analyzing the repairs needed in all the school buildings, and the costs involved, to come up with a plan that addresses the most urgent needs in the most cost efficient way. You can look at the bond presentation and the photos online, or better yet, take the time to attend the tours of our schools and see first-hand why this bond is necessary.

The bottom line is that our district continues to grow, our infrastructure has aged and with the tax cap there is not enough room in the budget to cover all the necessary repairs. Many of the current issues were identified years ago, but the comprehensive bond in 2009 did not pass and conditions have been deteriorating ever since. Continuing to ignore the urgent health and safety needs is putting our children in harm’s way and will ultimately bring down our home values.

As a graduate of the Glen Cove School district and a parent of current students, I urge all residents to vote yes to the bond on March 12. An investment in our schools is an investment in our children and our community. The need is clear. The time is now.

—Annie Phillips

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