Town Reunites Near-Drowning Victim With Heroic Lifeguards Who Saved Her


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilmembers Louis Imbroto and Michele Johnson reunited the heroic members of the town’s lifeguard crew with a near-drowning victim who was discovered unresponsive in the waters of Stehli Beach on the July 4th holiday.

“On Independence Day, our lifeguards observed a woman in the water who had apparently gone into distress,” Supervisor Saladino explained. “The heroic lifeguard crew took immediate action were able to successfully reverse a very scary situation. We commend them for their lifesaving efforts.”

The Town’s six lifeguards collectively entered into emergency response mode when the victim was observed. The woman, Anna Zapantis of Locust Valley, was unresponsive. She was immediately taken from the water and successfully resuscitated and transported to the local hospital for evaluation.

“This is a scenario which lifeguards prepare for, but hope to never face,” Councilwoman Johnson added. “The heroic actions by these fine individuals took a potentially tragic event and turned it into a merry ending.”

Councilman Imbroto added, “We are so glad to be celebrating with Mrs. Zapantis and the exemplary members of the Town’s lifeguard crew. We are all grateful and proud for the serviced provided by all our lifeguards and the comforting peace of mind they give us as we enjoy our facilities.”

—Submitted by Town of Oyster Bay


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