Two reasons to appreciate Glen Cove Hospital


There are two great things everyone should know about Glen Cove Hospital. One is how much the emergency department staff is giving back to the community, and the other is that the surgery department is up and running.

Many of you officially or unofficially have donated to the Meal Train for the hospital, founded in the names of the Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvement District, Gold Coast Business Association and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This program directs people to donate meals to the staff and was organized by Ylisa Kunze of RXR. There is also the Grab-and-Go snacks program providing local hospitals such as Glen Cove with sustenance for in between meals, organized by Berkshire-Hathaway-Laffey International’s Fay Mihos and its local agent, Mary Stanco. My husband, John Ferrante and I, are proud to have provided both meals and snacks to the hospital through our program called “Do Good To Feel Good.” Besides providing food to those who need and those we want to thank during this COVID-19 crisis, we want to inspire others to also do some good to make themselves feel good.

I am so happy to introduce a group of ER nurses who were so inspired by the outpouring of support shown to them that they have started donating to both the high school food pantry and the Do Good To Feel Good program.

Much sincere thanks to Amanda Sclafani and her co-workers including Diane Paez, Danielle Frantino, Tracy Mastakouris, Marcos Rivera and Jessica Sidle.

Secondly, the entire medical, administrative and ancillary staff of Glen Cove Hospital should be congratulated on being one of the few hospitals, including another Northwell Hospital, Syosset Hospital, for being permitted to start performing elective as well as emergency surgery again this week.

—Dr. Eve Lupenko Ferrante,
Voluntary attending staff, Glen Cove Hospital and City Councilwoman


  1. Thats funny cause doctor told me they weren’t running surgery not for another 2-3 weeks. This isn’t a hospital it’s trash. It’s more like a urgent care. The workers deserve nothing, they do nothing. They lie, they have 1 doctor in ER, God forbid their was 2 heart attacks comming in at same time well one of you are dying cause they have 1 doctor or have to call someone who’s sleeping in bed to get there

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