Varsity Athletes Honored At Sports Night


Glen Cove High School students, parents, faculty and community members celebrated varsity athletes who participated in fall, winter and spring athletics at the Booster Club’s Athletic Awards Night on June 7.

Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna (left) is pictured with fall Superintendent Trophy nominees and winner Michael Payton (second, left).

Student-athletes were recognized with trophies and scholarships for their contributions to the school’s various athletic teams. An athlete from each sports season was also honored with the Superintendent’s Trophy, an award given by Glen Cove Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna to outstanding seniors. Winners were Michael Payton (fall), Catherine Hatala (winter) and Grace Blinkoff (spring). In addition to the Superintendent’s Trophy, principal Antonio Santana presented the Principal’s Cup to Tristyn Hudson and Brian Shannon.

The following students were honored with scholarships and awards:
Glen Cove Jr. Soccer Scholarship Award: Liam Cox; Hall of Fame Scholarships in Memory of John Maccarone: Grace Blinkoff, Gaetano Famiglietti, Catherine Hatala, Amanda Heavey, Michelle Melfi; Hall of Fame Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Sidney Canarick: Christian Guevara; Glen Cove Jr. Football/Cheerleading Scholarship Awards in Memory of Rob Kormoski: Michael Payton, Victoria Tripp;  Glen Cove Jr. Lacrosse Scholarship Awards: Geoffrey Field, Michael Hatala, Brandon Leon; The Annual Memorial Henry T. Boguszewski Golf Scholarship: Christian Filippone; Todd Weber Award: Dennis Filippone; Charles McGuckin: Jonathan Capobianco; Thomas Renison Scholarship Award: Christina Ng.

Members of the Glen Cove High School Rifle Team are pictured with coach Tom DeCarlo.

Glen Cove High School Booster Club Scholarships: Grace Blinkoff, Jonathan Capobianco; John “Red” Lamberson: Michael Payton; Virginia A. Maccarone: Catherine Hatala.
Kenneth Spy “Heart of the Team” Scholarship: Michael Hatala, Michelle Melfi; James Fantry Memorial Award: Timothy Hogan, Victoria Tripp; Knights of Columbus Award—E.J. Gribbin: Catherine Hatala, Michael Payton; Kenneth R. Andrews Sportsmanship Awards: Corey Dinkins, Lila Nolan; F. J. DiMenna Award: Gaetano Famiglietti; Lola Schmitz Berg Award: Sara Tenke; Charles Johnson Physical Fitness Award: Christian Guevara, Kayla Monahan; U.S. Marine Distinguished Athletes: Alexandra Casale, Geoffrey Field; Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award: Amanda Heavey, Kevin Hernandez; Glen Cove High School Athletic Achievement Award: Grace Blinkoff, Khalil Zachary, Golden G Award: Gaetano Famiglietti, Victoria Tripp.

—Submitted by Glen Cove Schools

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