Vigil Held To Honor Mass Shooting Victims

A candlelight vigil was held to honor victims of the recent mass shootings. (Photo courtesy of the city of Glen Cove)

Following the recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX where 22 people were killed and then hours later nine more were killed in Dayton, OH, the city of Glen Cove, held a candlelight vigil to remember those who lost their lives in the recent tragedies.

The vigil, which took place on the front steps of Robert M. Finley Middle School in Glen Cove began with a brief introduction from Mayor Timothy Tenke.

“We do this to show our support during this very painful and sad time in our country,” Tenke said. The Boy Scouts from Troop 6 took part in the vigil by ringing a bell after each of the names of the 31 victims that were killed.

The Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit independent collection and research group, concluded that there have been 261 mass shootings since the beginning of this year, which is an average of more than one mass shooting per day. The GVA categorizes a mass shooting as one in which four or more people are killed or injured.

Tenke stressed the importance of change in the country. “This should not be political, the issue that we are facing is a public safety issue,” Tenke said. He then stressed calling upon local elected officials to do what is right for every American.

“These tragedies happen so often that our society has become numb to them,” Tenke said. “We all must stand up and say that enough is enough. We as parents should not be afraid when our children leave for school in the morning that they might not return. We can no longer accept the new normal of complacency. I urge everyone to make their voices heard.”

Also in attendance was Reverend Roger Williams who spoke about showing kindness to others.

“I want to watch my son grow up and see some sanity around here,” Williams said. “I always thought Glen Cove was the kind of place we could show everybody else how it’s done. Let’s be leaders in Glen Cove,” he stressed.
Other speakers included Rev. Juanita Lopez and Rabbi Irwin Huberman who also gave speeches to address the gun violence and mass shooting epidemics from their perspectives.

—Additional information provided by the City of Glen Cove

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