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I am writing to express my thoughts about the current mayoral race and about my husband, Tony Gallo Jr.

Tony and I have been in Glen Cove all our lives – born and raised here. We met in the Glen Cove middle school and we are completely dedicated to making Glen Cove the charming vibrant town we experienced and the community it once was. Tony has a vision which includes the input of the community, fiscal responsibility and common sense. He and his team will listen to the true stakeholders, residents and tax payers—not special interests.

Tony is a thoughtful sensitive person and not someone who would ever say a negative thing about anyone, particularly something untrue. He is very careful in the words he uses and he respects all people. For this reason he will be a fair and objective leader.

In order to bring the proper community vision to Glen Cove it is crucial to know from where it came. Tony has that history in Glen Cove.

This election has been extremely difficult as I have had to witness the struggle of Tony and Team Gallo fighting against a system that is being used to prevent voter choice. Thankfully through the perseverance of Team Gallo, the voters of Glen Cove will have a choice for mayor in the upcoming election. What this fight has demonstrated is that Team Gallo will fight for Glen Cove and for you with an open mind and strong heart.

As a community we need to be united—Tony and his team will unite us.

—Orietta Gallo

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