‘War’ Campaign?


The recent revelations about the people actually running the Tony Gallo campaign should be a wake-up call to most Glen Cove voters. Gallo’s campaign balance sheet shows that his campaign manager is actually a paid political operative based in Virginia. This man, who has called the campaign “an all out war” that will “ take to the streets” represents the exact opposite of Gallo’s public message of “ transparency” and a “ great Glen Cove.”

It is important to remember that Mayor Spinello and his team are the duly designated candidates of the local City and County Republican Committees. His campaign workers are volunteers who have families and homes here in Glen Cove. Let Gallo’s out of town handlers, made up of unsuccessful “consultants” with scores to settle, call for all the wars in the streets they want. Reggie Spinello will continue to lead his home town in the mature and professional manner that has been his trademark.

—David Zatlin
Chairman of the Glen Cove Republican Committee


  1. I also wonder about the cost of hiring a gunfighter from so far away. Where is the money coming from? Are there no bright enough people here in GC to run his campaign? Or does he have so little faith in his own political career that he needs big time help from afar?

  2. The Glen Cove Republican Committee has now aligned it’s self with the Democratic Party. Shame on them for abandoning their Republican principles in an attempt to take away the freedom of choice of the citizens of Glen Cove.. Not even the mayor is a registered Republican.. The Glen Cove Republican committee has about the same credibility as the Record Pilot.. None…
    Thankfully the voters in Glen Cove recognize the absurdity of a sitting (Republican) mayor and I say that loosely that is being endorsed by the Democratic party.. Republican voters see through this vail of hidden agendas.


  3. You’re looking for a needle in the haystack. Why don’t you just let the campaign run as it should? You, Mr. Zaitlin, you should have really stuck with your own party when you endorsed a person from a different registered party. I’ve actually never heard of that. You, being the “chairman” of the republican committee just told your voters that it doesn’t matter what party you’re registered for. Isn’t that so?

  4. My friendship is not in question!
    You supported ralph suozzi in the last two elections; was he ever a republican?
    No; you supported him because you thought him to be the better man for the job. That is fine and I respect that but the same parameters should apply now; who is the better man for the job and you know reggie is the better man otherwise you won’t refuge into the silly talk of party registration.

  5. Brian Pemberton..the foul mouth representative of the Glen Cove Republican Party? What a low life.. I sent a screen shot of one of his disgusting posts to the Republican party of Nassau County and the local branch.. Uncouth and uneducated doesnt begin to describe him.

  6. Cindy Hill don’t forget to send copies to the American Legion, the Marine Corps League and the NRA. Also, I am two semesters away from earning my fourth college degree. And be sure to send me a copy too!

  7. Watch out brian, the sneaks are out and their fangs are as poseneou as ever; but as the sneaks that they are God condemn them to slide in high grass and never raise their heads.
    como’n guys is this your best? Do not give up on me now, i am just warming up.

  8. Pasquale, I hope you can speak better than you write. Next time use a dictionary.
    Brian, I’ve seen enough of your writings to discern your attainable level of education. Not impressed.

  9. What a smart idea on the part of Tony to hire an independent advisor. It shows how important it is to have an objective perspective. Bravo Tony! On the issue of party endorsements: they are nothing more than mutual support and exchanges of personal favors. The last item on their list is the welfare of the community. If the voters don’t see that, then they deserve the bigots, the zealots and the helots that populate the ranks of government currently.

  10. Brian Pemberton What a great way to represent City Hall.. Here you have the husband of the City Clerk on this thread, who happens to be the same person who posted on a public forum “that he heard that Steve Gonzalez once had a black dildo in his pocket at Stango’s.” Would you mind explaining why you would post such a racist post? It’s frightening that a Gun Tottler such as yourself would write such hatred. What a way to represent this current adminstration!! But racist posts that clearly defame show what levels you will stoop to to protect your policitcal patronage jobs and by posting publicly you all show the level of corruption embedded in this. Really, Mr. Pemberton if you are going to post just pre-empt the post by saying, “I am only out to protect the job that is paid for by tax payers.”

  11. With the end of this unfortunate regime, we must demand that the new Tony Gallo’s administration clean up City Hall of the vulgar, pea brained, delusional human trash now fetid mouthedly running wild. It has reached a shameful level at the moment with consorts and friends of the “protected ones” feeling free to show themselves at their lowest level of civility. This degradation is destroying the morale of the decent, intelligent and dedicated persons that still endure. This must be the first gift of the Tony administration to the people of Glen Cove.

  12. Quoted directly in the above article, “Reggie Spinello will continue to lead his home town in the mature and professional manner that has been his trademark.” I ask the Glen Cove Republican Party, Nassau County Republican Committee, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and the Honorable Joseph Mondello is this a proper representation of the professional manner so proudly touted in the article above?

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