What Happened To Sea Cliff Saturdays?


It’s quiet now in downtown Sea Cliff on Saturdays. Gone is the popular Artifacts Lawn Sale benefiting our library. Lost is the equally unique Farmer’s Market that was conveniently located on the tiny block facing the library lawn. Who changed this lively midtown venue that gave us pleasure and raised money for the community? And why? It was the bright idea of long-time resident Mike Lennon to give the library fund a much-needed boost. He trucked his donated items to the sale site so centrally located that it also created a buzz for private businesses along Sea Cliff Avenue. The same went for the outdoor market of fresh fruits and vegetables.

My guess is that the Village of Sea Cliff has allowed the negative opinions of a few finicky people to dictate what does and does not fit into a fun-filled pastime a few hours a week. Traffic may be a slight inconvenience, but it is only considered a so-called problem by an amorphous minority. Walk a block or so if you must.

As it stands right now, lawn sale fans must whet their appetites only once in a while outside the library. Otherwise, they have to travel to a lot inside John Gladsky’s boatyard on Prospect Avenue next to the old LILCO plant site. Bring your GPS just in case. For the marketplace, follow a sign on a white picket fence at the corner of Sea Cliff and Roslyn avenues directing you past the firehouse to Roslyn Park behind St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. They just put up yellow fliers around town so we can find it.

—Joe Krupinski

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