Wilson’s Dry Dock Found Treasures Is Pure Delight


You might expect to find treasures by the sea at Brewer’s Yacht Yard on Shore Road, but not sea-transited treasures from one of the boats docked here. For that, you’ll have to wander inside Wilson’s Dry Dock tucked in, to the right, just inside the boat yard gates.

“It’s still a cottage industry,” said Gwynne Lennon. “But we have been here now for about four years.”

She explained how important it is to keep inventory moving and turning over, making room for new business. She has the assistance of her kids and her husband, Mike and a few close friends to help run the business and keep everything moving.

“We primarily do estate sales and cleanouts; people are just trying to get rid of things,” said Lennon, adding that a lot of her business is sourced locally. “We donate to other places and help arrange for pick-ups.”

Thrifting is not only a labor of love, but a growing hobby for many treasure-hunting enthusiasts.

“People plan their day to come here from Queens, Port Washington, Bayville, from all over really,” said Lennon. “We have things ranging from the Victorian-era, 80s, WWII, fishing; people come in here just to reminisce too.”

Lennon said her one piece of trash or treasure advice that she’s noticing a trend on is, “people should give their China [dishes] to their kids,” she shared. “Kids are coming back around looking for China. They want this stuff.”

From the outside, it might not seem like what awaits inside will wow you, but you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Wilson’s Dry Dock is located in Brewer’s Yacht Yard at 128 Shore Road in Glen Cove.

Visit www.wilsonsdrydock.com or call 516-662-2821 for more information.

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