Year In Review: A Look Back At Glen Cove’s Top Stories

National news outlets initially speculated that the Russian-owned Long Island mansion ordered to be evacuated by President Barack Obama last December was Killenworth in Glen Cove; it was actually the Norwich House in Upper Brookville.

In a lot of ways, 2017 was a landmark year for the community, breaking new ground while celebrating the area’s history. At the beginning of the year, Glen Cove made national news when the Russian diplomats were ordered to leave a vacation house on Long Island—first speculated to be Killenworth in Glen Cove, but turning out to be the Norwich House in Upper Brookville.

Joe LaPadula brought the First City Project to the historic Coles House in March, opening with a huge party and holding a pop-up art show for local vendors later in the year.

In a nod to the juxtaposition of historical and modern, The First City Project, founded by Joe LaPadula, opened in March in the Coles House, bringing an urban edge to the historical house on Glen Street.

In November, a successful pop-up art show took place with local vendors and entertainment. The Woman’s Suffrage movement was celebrated in several ways this year, as 2017 marked the 100th anniversary since women in New York state won the right to vote. A special exhibit on the movement was held at the North Shore Historical Museum during March, and in November, a marker was dedicated on Dosoris Lane.

The Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department had its 180th anniversary, celebrating with a parade and a party on June 17, as the community showed appreciation for its long dedication to safety. This year also saw a temporary return of ferry service over the summer, allowing commuters an opportunity to travel to Manhattan by water instead of rail or car and giving a taste of what many hope to be in the city’s near future.

The Glen Cove Record Pilot turned
100 in 2017, celebrating with a commemorative issue in July.

This paper celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special commemorative issue in July, taking a peek back at the news over the course of the century. Records were set in local sports, as the North Shore Varsity Women’s Cross Country team went undefeated and the Glen Cove Cardinals “Pee Wee” players won the superbowl in the Junior Football league. Adult athletes also had more opportunities to participate in the fast growing sport of pickleball, as more courts popped up around the city.

In September, a Democratic primary was held for the first time in many years in Glen Cove, setting off what turned out to be a rather contentious election season, with the mayoral race coming down to just three votes. The late summer and fall also saw new businesses opening, including the AMC Theatre and Meritage Wine Bar on School Street, and the demolition of Village Square finally happened, paving the way for a new project downtown.

Cheers to 2017 and here’s to more local success stories in 2018.

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